Ruined Diners Materials
Yes you can turn off that TV when no one is looking. But that misses the point. Customers need to wake up and see what power they have. Restaurant owners need to see how "No TV" can equal "New Customers". Download and print these great tools and propaganda! (You'll need Adobe Acrobat.)
Today's Special Menu Card
Hidden discretely in the menu of your favourite diner or coffee shop, this little beauty will jolt your fellow customers out of their distracted gaze.
Customer Survey
Do you want these things on or not? Challenge the shop or restaurant owner to put this survey next to the cash register. Let customers say for themselves how much they like or hate TV sets interrupting their conversations.
Valued Customers Sign
Some people like some TV, others don't. Some days there is a big game on the box. Most days there isn't. Now the poor bar or restaurant owner has to deal with anti-TV campaigners! Show him or her you care by offering this polite notice to customers that if they like the TV, they watch it. And if they don't, they can turn it off. See? Everybody happy.
We've Turned It Off Sign
Owners of eating and drinking establishments should experiment. If they insist on having a TV in the corner (or in some cases on every wall you look) they should offer "TV-Free Days" and use it to attract different kinds of customers on different days. Let the market decide!
We're TV Free Sign
Oh what does the market know? Someone has to play the bold visionary! Owners can put this sign on their front door and tell the world that they stand for good old fashioned eating and drinking, quiet reading, loud arguments and laughter.
Not Ruined by TV Sign
In fact, why not go the whole way and get self-rightous about it? Owners can use these signs to draw a deliberate comparison between their wholesome, TV-Free watering holes and the seedy, disreputable dives that force their patrons watch non-stop advertisements for indegestion medicines and moving beds.