zap the ruined diners back to life!

"Turn off that TV set, go outside and live!" That"s our usual pitch here at White Dot. But we have to admit, if the damn thing is just going to follow you to the bar and monopolise all your conversations, what"s the point? Outdoor placement televison has exploded in the last five years, taking over diners, pubs, and cafes.

White Dot have teamed up with the makers of TV-B-Gone to take back our favorite public spaces. Help us build a database of places ruined by television sets. And now, during TV Turnoff Week, help us print off petitions, hand out pamphlets, and tell the owners of these restaurants that their customers came for peace and quiet or loud arguments and laughter, but not to watch TV.

supporters tell us where to zap
These customers are fed up with captive audience TV sets. White Dot supporters will go turn them off and speak to the owners. You can help!

ruined placeaddress
At the main taxi rank outside the arrivals area
big plasmas, about 6 of them blasting at you while spend the long wait for a taxi
opposite Kennet Centre car park
Plasma screens everywhere. You can't sit anywhere without being in view of one.
Screens near the hair washing area.
A big plasma screen that seemed resistant to my 'TV B Gone'
Everywhere you look there are plasma screens. There is also a massive projector near the food court area.
This summer White Dot ran two of our Zocalo events. We asked peoplein a neighbourhood of Brighton to put chairs outside their front doors and sit together for an evening instead of watching television. One family pulled out their entire sofa. The drinking wasn't our idea, but it seemed to work..
Remember what your favourite diner, pub or coffee shop was like before they put in the TV screens? Help us get rid of them! Add to our database of Ruined Diners and help us target them with leaflets, petitions and direct action. Buy your TV-B-Gone and get zapping.
Yes you can turn off that TV when no one is looking. But that misses the point. Customers need to wake up and see what power they have. Restaurant owners need to see how "No TV" can equal "New Customers". Download and print these great tools and propaganda!.
Things to do, places to go, TV sets to turn off. Read our guide to what all the best cultural activists are up to in all the best dining and drinking establishments.

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join our direct action!

1) Tell us about a pub or diner that TV has ruined. What was it like before?
2) Tell us about another one. Enter as many as you can. Let"s get them all!
3) Download materials and Activist's Guide.
4) Get in touch at Tell us what you are doing and later, how it went.

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