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"Turn off that TV set, go outside and live!" That"s our usual pitch here at White Dot. But we have to admit, if the damn thing is just going to follow you to the bar and monopolise all your conversations, what"s the point? Outdoor placement televison has exploded in the last five years, taking over diners, pubs, and cafes.

White Dot have teamed up with the makers of TV-B-Gone to take back our favorite public spaces. Help us build a database of places ruined by television sets. And now, during TV Turnoff Week, help us print off petitions, hand out pamphlets, and tell the owners of these restaurants that their customers came for peace and quiet or loud arguments and laughter, but not to watch TV.

supporters tell us where to zap
These customers are fed up with captive audience TV sets. White Dot supporters will go turn them off and speak to the owners. You can help!

ruined placeaddress
At the main taxi rank outside the arrivals area
big plasmas, about 6 of them blasting at you while spend the long wait for a taxi
opposite Kennet Centre car park
Plasma screens everywhere. You can't sit anywhere without being in view of one.
Screens near the hair washing area.
A big plasma screen that seemed resistant to my 'TV B Gone'
Everywhere you look there are plasma screens. There is also a massive projector near the food court area.
Plasma screens blasting out MTV very loudly making it hard to have a conversation.
Opposite St. Nicolas Church.
Two plasma screens outside under a canopy showing Sky Sports.
In 'the street' of Newbury College where the tables and chairs are.
A television screen showing music videos on. Really irratating when trying to eat. Seems resistant to 'my TV be gone' though.
In House of Fraser in the Oracle shopping centre
Two plasma screens with bright flashing images.
note: Plasma TVs in bar appear resistant to mk II model, try mk III
four plasma TV'S in various sizes, often on with the sound off showing nothing of interest, usually skysports news
four plasma TV'S in various sizes, often on with the sound off showing nothing of interest, usually skysports news
many TVs all playing the same picture of mindless pop videos and a huge projector doing same accompanied by blaring tinny music (again). please cure!
many TVs all playing the same picture of mindless pop videos and a huge projector doing same accompanied by blaring tinny music (again). please cure!
4 plasma screens at least with mindless pop videos and blaring tinny music, plus a projector to ruin everyones evening who is not a football/soccer fan
Plasma screens on almost every wall showing constant Sky Sports news channell, plus a big projector screen ruining conversation with its loud commentary
Its a wonderful hospital and all, really it is, but all of the waiting rooms, pharacies-... scratch that, just about every single room has a Television! Some have sound, some don't, either way, its really annoying being constantly bombarded with TV's, particularly when sick!
This used to be a great, quiet little traditional pizza diner. Not sure if it's under new management, but last time we went, not only did they have the speakers blasting pop music, but they had two large flat screens to make sure we didn't miss that evening's 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy'. So annoying!!
Since they added `Movies under the Stars, the giant screens are left on all day & render the top deck uninhabitable.
I have seen many WhiteSpot locations with individual TV's in the family booths as well as in every possible angle one can turn the head
Just like Albertson's grocery store listed above, (owns both) the brain-dead mgmt. team has videos screaming at each checkout, and even larger screens in the produce and seafood areas. Don't they realize it makes people want to LEAVE not linger over their purchases?
We had a whole day of it! Countless pubs and bars round the City Centre, several TV shops, the SEGA park arcade in the bargate shopping centre.
Wetherspoons used to have no music so you could actually talk to people. Now it's full of plasmas with football on
The Tv's always on, mainly for the benefit of the staff who look at you stupid when you suggest it be turned off and who then of course refuse to do so. Once good pub, now far less so because of it.
The Tv's always on, mainly for the benefit of the staff who look at you stupid when you suggest it be turned off and who then of course refuse to do so. Once good pub, now far less so because of it.
A very nice place to go for a nice quiet dinner with your husband bec at home he's watching the TV. NOW he watches TV at our favorite ravorite restrauant.IN fact, he likes it better bec the TV is BIGGER! So now he goes out to eat ALONE and I stay home and watch my little TV.
The BBC in partnership with Liverpool City Council and the Royal Bank of Scotland, has installed a 25 square metre, 10 meter high screen in this public area. It is on 24/7. I don't think the TV-B-gone zapper will work on this one! I find it so intrusive and has all the echoes of Big Brother. I am aware that the BBC has 7 similar screens in Birmingham(2), Manchester, Hull, Leeds, Gateshead, Bournemouth and Plymouth. We are turning people into complete TV slaves with no escape from it. We even hav
Many folks bugged eyed at biggie plasmas. get out for some air ;-)
Old pro has been runined
Walked into to the Tax assesor to pay for license plates. There was a T.V. blaring out programing for toddlers. I complanined top the supervisor and she said it was for children in the waiting room. I said, "What children!?!" The volume was soooo loud it made me ill. I did not have the gall to turn it off as i was warned not to by the supervisor and she had armed guards at her disposal. I thought, what a moment for a T.V. off thingie. amazing! Forty adults held hostage for a show designed for 2
They just put a TV in the waiting room. When asked why, the nurse said that it was because one of the doctors in the practice usually runs behind and having the TV keeps the patients quiet while waiting for the doctor. I had brought a book with me to read and told her that's why there's books.
The introduction of loud, obnoxious hard-sell TV monitors pushing product on the captive audience of patrons in the checkout EVERY aisle!!
New television screens installed throughout Galleria. Awful.
This is a sports bar chain in Florida and there are many of them in various locations.
This place has probably 25 TVs inside, all on to different channels (thankfully, they TVs are all muted). They even had a TV on that was not working properly, and the screen was distorted. I turned off several TVs when my family took me there, and nobody seemed to notice.
This was our first time there, and when we walked in there was a TV blaring. As usual, nobody was watching it. We received our TV-B-Gone a few days earlier, and decided to try it out. Wow! What a feeling when it zapped the TV off, and only 1 person (a customer) noticed (but said nothing except to her husband, who just shrugged). Peace returned, and we could have a normal converstationw/out competition from the TV.
At least 3 televisions in the dining area/bar and 2 in the outdoor dining area. Sound from the TVs is played over a separate, loud- speaker system. There is no escaping it. An attractive place ruined.
Probably the worst example of television imposition that I've run across. Two huge ugly TVs flank the bar area, ruining any chance of relaxation or enjoyment of the ordinarily nice ambiance. What were they thinking?
Their original place had burned down a few years ago. For reasons I don't remember, they were unable to rebuild. They bought a vacant restaurant at their current location. This place is much bigger than the place that burned down. They then put TVs throghout the restaurant. We haven't been back since.
My husband & I hadn't been there for awhile. When we went back, we walked in and saw wall-to-wall TVs in the whole restaurant. My husband was counting them when the waitress walked up. She remarked that there were 36 (if I remember right) TVs! We haven't been back since.
On campus, above the shops and offices.
Usually on satellite music channels with sound channeled through speakers. Fortunately at peak times, conversation and clinking of glasses renders it less effective.
On the A6, about a mile from Lancaster city centre.
The TV's discreetly placed near the bar - more for the staff perhaps, but the sound interrupt trains of thought and talk. Often left on (though muted) during the highly recommended quiz night - Thursdays at 9.00pm!
On the B2123, at crossroads halfway between Falmer and Rottingdean.
While this was never a great pub for real ale, it was ideal for low key conversation and a game of pool. The Television doubles in size every couple of years - though I have seen it turned off during gigs!
This great Italian restaraunt has 3 tv's in the lounge. My brains drip out of my ears when i sit in this bar.
This used to be a hip little cafe...CNN and FOX news are not hip!!!
Middle of Sherborne - everyone knows it
Used to be a nice if boisterous town pub. Now the HUGE tv ruins it - they even have it on (mute) when live bands are playing!
I returned to Norwich a couple of years ago after a 12 year absence. I'd visited briefly a couple of years before and was pleased to find my old haunt, the Lillie Langtry pub, little changed and still supporting a convivial atmosphere. But this time I arrived to find it had just been converted into Widescreen Hell. Along with the TV had come nasty uncomfortable furniture, a garish colour scheme and a general atmosphere of in-your-faceness. Obviously someone decided it was time to pitch for th
Used to be a lovely place to relax and get my hair done. I really liked the woman there and what she did with my hair. But now they have TVs on either side, in the mirrors and, when you lean back to get your hair shampooed, on THE CEILING! I'll never go back.
By the only roundabout in Bristol with traffic lights - doesn't that defy the object?
TV's to entice footy fans during premiership games - It's a department store ffs
Situated just off Kilmarnock Road
It used to be our lovely wee local, great for a quiet pint and a chat with the boys. Recently they bought three plasma televisions and they have ruined the atmosphere. The tv's are always on and it destroys conversation because eveyone's gaze is always drawn towards the screen. It is impossible to turn away. They even play music channels on mute and play different music in the pub. How pointless is that? What is worse is the 10p hike in price for a pint, presumably this is to pay for the te
Both the thrid floor surgery waiting rooms as well as the Emergency Room waiting room.
I spend a lot of time with family members in these two locations and there is nothing in the world that adds to the tension more than listening to CNN or watching 4 hours of soap operas while waiting to find out if a loved one is okay. The ER waiting room TV is especially loud and obnoxious if you are feeling ill youself. Very insensitive. My issue with the surgery waiting rooms is that there are two of them - and a TV in both! Not only do waiting patients and family watch the tvs but passing wo
This summer White Dot ran two of our Zocalo events. We asked peoplein a neighbourhood of Brighton to put chairs outside their front doors and sit together for an evening instead of watching television. One family pulled out their entire sofa. The drinking wasn't our idea, but it seemed to work..
Remember what your favourite diner, pub or coffee shop was like before they put in the TV screens? Help us get rid of them! Add to our database of Ruined Diners and help us target them with leaflets, petitions and direct action. Buy your TV-B-Gone and get zapping.
Yes you can turn off that TV when no one is looking. But that misses the point. Customers need to wake up and see what power they have. Restaurant owners need to see how "No TV" can equal "New Customers". Download and print these great tools and propaganda!.
Things to do, places to go, TV sets to turn off. Read our guide to what all the best cultural activists are up to in all the best dining and drinking establishments.

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