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space wwwww The British Government is trying to promote literacy by planting hidden messages in television soap operas, the Teletubbies are arriving in the United States, Bill Gates is thinking of buying into UK television and George Orwell's 1984 TV set, that watches your behaviour while you watch it, has finally been invented. What better time to give up television? White Dot tells you how, and about the millions of others who already have.
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the little red book of White Dot

White Dot's survival guide to TV-free living is published by Bloomsbury Publishing and you can order at your local bookshop or buy it from Amazon.co.uk. It shows readers what television does to them, how it's turning adults into babies, how it's domesticating humans like farm animals and how it's setting us up for a science fiction nightmare that's already happened. TV is causing depression, impaired concentration, impaired speech, and loss of memory.

TV in schools, TV in baby's nurseries, TV that watches you, TV you can't get away from, people making love to machines, TVs on microchips implanted in your brain, - we did the research. Our readers will get the facts. TV is taking over the world.

We'll take it over first.
Instead of just complaining about modern life, we're describing an amazing machine that will make you happy, excited and energetic, just by flicking a switch. It's called television - and all you have to do is turn it off. No matter what your politics or background, you can help build a world without fake friends, fake experiences and the constant strain of video manipulation. This manual explains, step by step, how to break out of the box - from turning off your set to dismantling an entire industry.

What better time?
Spy TV wwwww Spy TV
Television That Watches You

When you turn it on, they know you turned it on. When you change channels or take a trip to the virtual shopping mall, they'll be following you. Find out what broadcasters are saying about interactive television. Hear their Orwellian plans to keep a file on every viewer, in every single home.

Who buys the file? The highest bidder. What will they do with it? Figure out how to modify your behavior. What say do you have? None. Just as you have no idea what software is downloaded to your set top box. The applications are already written, many of them aimed at children. This might be the last generation to have privacy as we know it.

Spy TV catches the media execs out, tricking them into exposing their plans from their own mouths. That is why interactive television producers like Alan Lambert (see below) are fuming - this book describes the direct marketing techniques and artificial intelligence software they plan to use.

What really excites these men and women is the way interactive television will create experimental conditions in the home. Your TV set will be able to show you something, monitor how you respond, and then show you something else - repeating a cycle of stimulus, observation and response until they get the behavior they're after - whether it is buying corn flakes or voting in an election.

Spy TV serves as a compact guide to privacy and the "digital revolution" for anyone studying new media, and a wake up call to everyone else.

Spy TV won the 1999 Winston Award from Privacy International for outstanding contribution to the cause of privacy. David Burke is the British Director of White Dot, the international campaign against television, and helped write "TV That Watches You: The Prying Eyes of Interactive Television", commissioned by the Center for Digital Democracy in Washington.

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