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White Dot has always been good at digging up facts and making noise. Now we want to build a healthy grassroots campaign.

Sign up and we will count on you to hang some posters and write a few emails. You can help organise a local TV Turnoff in your town, do research or put us in touch with your brother-in-law, the leader of a G8 nation.

You may have thrown your television out a window, hate television but be addicted to it, or love television but hate TV sets in cafes. We're not fussy. Sign up!
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White Dot is free to join, but any money you give makes a big difference.

We need your support to run this website, build membership, investigate the TV industry, work with schools and pester regulators.

Every year millions are spent promoting the TV lifestyle. Help us remind people about the real life they are missing with a gift of 10 or $20 - less than a month of cable!

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If you donate 15 or $30 we will send you a free copy of Spy TV, our award winning expose of the danger to privacy caused by interactive television.