The United Kingdom, for the first time in 70 years, has a chance to elect a prime minister who doesn't watch television. White Dot hopes they will grab this historic opportunity.
Jeweler Alexis Dove imports glass from piles of smashed TV sets in Afghanastan and turns them into beautiful necklaces. Who says the Taliban are all bad?
White Dot is compiling an archive of memories and advice from the last generations to grow up without television. They have a complete set of social and parenting skills we are about to lose forever.
Help us pick their brains!
A new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine claims that "TV viewing time may have adverse health consequences that rival those of lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking; every single hour of TV viewed may shorten life by as much as 22 minutes." Let the class action suits begin!
The American Academy of Pediatrics has made the connection no one else will: TV makes kids fat. In their May issue of the journal Pediatrics, they urge doctors to ask patients how much time they or their children spend watching television. Again they advise that children under two should watch none at all.
This summer White Dot ran two of our Zocalo events. We asked peoplein a neighbourhood of Brighton to put chairs outside their front doors and sit together for an evening instead of watching television. One family pulled out their entire sofa. The drinking wasn't our idea, but it seemed to work..
Remember what your favourite diner, pub or coffee shop was like before they put in the TV screens? Help us get rid of them! Add to our database of Ruined Diners and help us target them with leaflets, petitions and direct action. Buy your TV-B-Gone and get zapping.
A new study from Cornell University shows that television is responsible for the developed world's rising rates of autism in children. If this is true, can parents and governments have any choice but to stop children watching it?
Looking for fun, excitement and companionship? Well look no further! Dive into White Dot's virtual reality pages! They're so exciting, you'll forget all about those boring people you know. You're in control with White Dot's state of the art technology! It's what all your friends are doing right now! Don't go away! Don't miss out, or they'll make fun of you. Blow-Yer-Head-Off action!
Childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoors Fishing, biking and sports giving way to video games says USA Today (the newspaper sold in a box that looks like TV set) Well researched article with good interviews.

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