Smashed TV Makes Pretty Necklace
flat screens just don't implode, or make such nice jewlery
by Sheila Adams

You've got to have a sneaking respect for the Taliban. No messing about with posters or TV-B-Gone's for them. They just came into power, outlawed television and rumour has it they publicly executed one just to drive home the point.

That left thousands and thousands of old cathode ray tube televisions rotting in garbage dumps in Afghanastan. And while White Dot could never condone such a brutal curtailing of civil liberties, we can only lament that western governments don't suggest such policies now and then, just to see, and that even if they did the televisions these days are all flat screens, and none of them would make that satisfying noise as they were dropped into thousands of refuse bins.

How lucky we are then, to benefit from the Afghans' over-zealous cultural politics and supply of busted Sony Trinitrons. In Sussex (UK) jeweler Alexis Dove has found an exclusive supply of recycled Afghan and Pakistani television glass and has used it to make necklaces and bracelets.

The beads are surprisingly beautiful, having as they do that strange grey sparkle of smashed televisions. And they're collectible. The Taliban is out of power and even if they come back they'll have to burn plasma screens. These are the first semi-precious stones of the post-television age.

You can see these treasures on her website at