UK Government enforces mass TV-Turnoff
by David Burke

The UK is switching all its televisions to digital this year and this 4th of April, and then again on the 18th of April, all the televisions in London will go fuzzy and become unwatchable.

To avoid panic on the streets, the government and the broadcasters have funded a huge advertising campaign asking people to stay calm and re-adjust their new digital TV sets so that, no matter what, they can keep watching. The ads feature a cute little robot holding a huge remote control who lives in complete isolation and stares at his virtual world with big round eyes. It's very re-assuring.

There are even grants available for people who can not afford new digital TV sets. "Where" we ask, "are the grants for people who don't want new digital TV sets?"

But of course, White Dot could not be happier. And the timing of this government enforced disruption is perfect. Instead of a single TV Turnoff Week this April, White Dot is promoting a Two Week Tune Off, encouraging UK viewers not to re-tune anything, but to throw their remotes away.

The ideal would be for the UK government to go back to what they did in the 1950s when there were only four hours of television a day. After that it was a quick rendition of God Save the Queen and the screen would go to a creepy test pattern.

Anyway, please download our poster and put it up in the kitchen at work or school. Happy Turnoff!

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