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As two ad executives launch a round-the-clock TV channel aimed at babies, White Dot challenges the British regulator OFCOM to cancel this "24 hour infomercial for attention deficit disorder"
A third of British adults and a fifth of all children will be obese by 2010 according to figures released by the Department of Health. Everyone wants kids to eat better and do more exercise, yet why is no one willing to come out and blame television?
The American Academy of Pediatrics has made the connection no one else will: TV makes kids fat. In their May issue of the journal Pediatrics, they urge doctors to ask patients how much time they or their children spend watching television. Again they advise that children under two should watch none at all.
Sixteen tips to manage toddlers--without resorting to television
Childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoors Fishing, biking and sports giving way to video games says USA Today (the newspaper sold in a box that looks like TV set) Well researched article with good interviews.

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