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White Dot's British Editor talks his way into the Addressable Media Coalition - a private club for the interactive advertising industry. Read their plans for a "Privacy Compliance Seal" that doesn't actually protect anyone. Hear what AMC spokesman Ben Issacson says when the press aren't invited.
Thinking of sticking an interactive TV set in your home? Writing an article about this "Digital Revolution?"

Why not have a look at what the industry isn't telling you?
White Dot helped research and write a new report by the Center for Digital Democracy describing how interactive telelvision is being used to spy on viewers in America. Read it here.
When you turn it on, they'll know you turned it on. When you change the channel or do some on-line shopping, they'll follow you. Find out what broadcasters are saying about that new box for your living room. Hear their plans for keeping a file on every viewer. Who buys the file? The highest bidder. What say do you have? None. Who is the "Digital Revolution" overthrowing? Make sure it's not you.

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