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Jeweler Alexis Dove imports glass from piles of smashed TV sets in Afghanastan and turns them into beautiful necklaces. Who says the Taliban are all bad?
15 thousand people in Britain belong to Spice, an activity group dedicated to getting out of the house. From 18 to 84 years old, from abseiling to black tie dinners, these people will do anything to get away from the box. Apparently it's addictive.
Where would kids today be without the TV sets in their rooms? Andi Mindel talks to Violet and Maggie who were there. Shocking tales of kids making up their own childhoods!
White Dot is compiling an archive of memories and advice from the last generations to grow up without television. They have a complete set of social and parenting skills we are about to lose forever.
Help us pick their brains!
Pope Francis comes out as the first TV free pope in almost a century, saying he promised the Virgin Mary in 1990 that he would never watch again.

Saint Clare of Assisi, the patron saint of television was unavailable for comment.
The New York Times has reported that viewers in America are deserting their television sets. Nielsen figures are sinking, even for "Must See TV" and all those loveable pseudo-friends we've all been told were like members of our own family.
White Dot is now selling TV-B-Gone, the keychain that turns off virtually any television set. When it came out in America it caused such demand that the TV-B-Gone website crashed. By the second day, inventor Mitch Altman had sold out of them. Now they're back, and in Europe, and you can get your very own. Read all about this year's must-have anti-consumerist stocking stuffer!
The United Kingdom misses its chance to elect a prime minister who doesn't watch television. Voters go for the guy who "looks prime ministerial".

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